A deep interest in interior space layout and defined exterior spaces was later complimented by a reverence for craftsmanship. Communicating what I visualized became a passion.

  • 2 yrs cabinetmaker’s apprentice.
  • 2 yrs architect’s subcontractor.
  • 2 yrs production manager for musical instrument manufacturer.
  • 1 yr finish carpenter’s apprentice and lead cabinetmaker.
  • 3 yrs design/build cabinetmaker and general contractor.
  • 2 yrs production commercial including several Starbucks stores.
  • 1 yr production Prince Bandar’s Aspen, CO residence.
  • 2 yrs government contract work including Ohio University, University of Colorado and City of Boulder.
  • 3 yrs studies in art, architecture, and urban planning at the University of Colorado.
  • 3 yrs teaching model making and furniture design building techniques at the University of Colorado.
  • 2 yrs as design engineer for Phyllis Morris Originals, the iconic Hollywood luxury furniture maker.
  • 2 yrs freelance design work including space planning, design review documents, construction drawings, and product prototyping.
  • Self taught mechanical drawing including isometric and perspective renderings.
  • Self taught vector based computer software for illustration and 3d modeling including FreeHand, Illustrator, MiniCad, FormZ, Graphite and Sketchup.
  • Self taught in raster based and hybrid software for presentation and desktop publishing including Photoshop, xRes, InDesign and Quark.
  • Self taught web designer and coder both front and back end.


Christopher Bogush Education Design Engineering Experience

Over 30 years of experience working through design challenges.